A specially curated bundle of premium resources targeted at helping Canva lovers hone their design skills, speed up digital product creation, and level up their marketing strategies to increase product sales!

Have you been confused about what digital products to create that will actually SELL?
Have you wondered why some content creators are selling products and making money every day while you are only listening to the sound of crickets?
Do you drool over someone else’s marketing images that look SO pretty, attractive, and professional while yours just don’t seem to hit the right spot?
Are you overwhelmed by the number of steps involved in the all-consuming process of creating a product to packaging it, marketing it, and selling it and FINALLY having real money in your bank account after the weeks and months of hard work?

Let me help you gain clarity and provide you with tried, tested, and proven templates and trainings that will level up your design skills, speed up your product creation process, and improve your marketing strategies so that you can make more money FASTER & EASIER without the stress, fuss, and overwhelm.

They told you creating and selling digital products would be easy, didn’t they?

But, let’s get real…

becoming a pro at using a design platform like Canva to create digital products to sell and then promoting and selling your products…

isn’t exactly easy after all. 

You need to:

** Hone your design skills

** Know exactly what products to create

** Know how to package and present your products professionally and attractively 

** Know how to create high-converting checkout pages

…so that you can finally make money from all the hard work you have put into creating the product in the first place. 

Not to mention there are 4963 moving parts in the entire process from start to finish!

I know. It’s EXHAUSTING.

You wear so many hats and you simply don’t have enough time to figure everything out on your own. 

You DESIRE to make things work. 

You NEED your online business to get easier and more PROFITABLE. 

But meanwhile, you are struggling.

You have been FRUSTRATED at the weeks or even months spent on figuring out what to products to create and then spend more time pulling out your hair trying to create something that looks professional without actually spending thousands of dollars hiring a designer.
You are EXHAUSTED from scouring through dozens of YouTube videos trying to learn step by step how to use Canva like a pro and be able to create something sellable without breaking into a sweat.
You are CONFUSED and OVERWHELMED by all the tasks you need to do to create a product, package it, market it, and then promoting it. It sucks even more when you don’t make enough sales to cover for ALL THAT TIME you have put in.

It doesn’t have to be this way though…let me give you templates that will save time on creating products to a fraction of what it is now, provide you with resources to boost your business brand, and give you trainings that will improve your marketing strategies so that you can bring in more sales!

With the right resources, you will be able to create sellable products easily and make more money sooner to achieve your financial goals!

You will know exactly what products to create that your audience crave for and cannot wait to throw their wallets at you.
You will be equipped with design skills to masterfully use Canva to create professional and high quality products to sell that your customers cannot resist.
Your business will outshine your competition on various social media platforms because you have a winning arsenal of templates that will boost your brand image and your customers will become raving fans hungry for your awesome content.
You get to sit back on your couch with your favorite drink and binge-watch Netflix while listening to the lovely ‘ping’ of sales notifications pouring in because tried, tested, and conversion-proven checkout templates are doing their job bringing in sales for you.

Ready to finally get your hands on premium resources that are TRULY HELPFUL in effecting a positive change in growing your business and brining money into your pocket without breaking your bank?


Canva Creators’ Treasurebox!

canva creators' Treasurebox mockup

A specially curated bundle of premium resources targeted at helping Canva lovers hone their design skills, speed up digital product creation, and level up their marketing strategies to increase product sales!

That’s a total of 47 resources with a combined value of $2784 but ALL YOURS for just $97.

Only available for sale from 4 to 10 September 2023.

Here’s everything you will get inside the Canva Creators’ Treasurebox:

8 Business and Marketing Trainings worth $873
8 Canva Design Trainings worth $437
8 Business & Marketing Templates worth $684
23 Commercial Use Templates Worth $790
3 BONUS ‘LIVE’ Meet The Contributors Sessions where you can ask questions directly to 17 of our Contributors and pick their brilliant minds! (Replays will be provided)

Come and take a closer look inside this AHH-MAZING Canva Creators’ Treasurebox!

8 Business & Marketing Trainings Worth $873

These premium business and marketing trainings will teach you how to:

be more intentional and strategic in choosing what products to create that will sell
boost your marketing strategies to improve your sales conversions
use lead magnets effectively to grow your email list
make more money during Black Friday than you’ve done before
structure a strategic content plan so your business becomes more organised and profitable

8 Canva Design Trainings Worth $437

These methodical and highly-raved Canva Design Trainings will show you how to:

get your Canva workspace organized so you can be more productive and efficient in your product creation process
master Canva design skills so you can use it like a pro in no time
record and edit videos in Canva that you can use for your YouTube channel or provide more value-add video content to your audience
create sellable and ever-popular digital stickers and custom Canva frames

8 Branding & Marketing Templates Worth $684

These professionally designed, drag-and-drop branding and marketing templates will help you:

create gorgeous and eye-catching marketing images to showcase your high quality products to the world on different social media platforms that will outshine your competition
be equipped with detailed and proven marketing strategies to ensure your product launch is a success and bring you tons of profit
create professional on-branding marketing material to level up your business brand image and make people think you have an entire team of design and marketing personnel when, in fact, you are effortlessly doing it all on your own
create high-converting landing pages and checkout pages that will skyrocket your sales even while you are sleeping or on a vacation
design newsletters that will stand out even in your subscribers’ crowded inbox and increase audience engagement and boost your product sales

23 Commercial Use Templates Worth $790

These thoughtfully designed, done-for-you templates come with commercial use rights which means:

you can create more products in a shorter time so you have more content to sell and make money faster without having to start anything from scratch and stare at a blank page for hours
you can easily customize these templates to suit your unique brand image and according to your customers’ preferences
you can effortlessly churn out several new products in day without breaking into a sweat even if you are new to Canva
use these templates safely to create products that you can sell to your end consumer without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring a professional designer

A total of 47 premium resources with a combined value of $2784 at a whopping 97% discount!

All yours for ONLY $97.

This bundle is only available from 4 to 10 September 2023.

canva creators' Treasurebox offer grid

Is this for you?

The Canva Creators’ Treasurebox is for you if:

Love using Canva
Want to improve your Canva design skills
Want to create more products to sell in a shorter time
Want more effective marking strategies to make more money

You want to take action in speeding up your product creation process, be more strategic with your marketing game, build a more professional brand image, and make money money to achieve your income goals this year!

This is not for you if:

Don’t enjoy Canva at all and are not willing to learn or open to trying
You are already earning a full-time income from your online business and don’t think you need any further help
You are not willing to put in time and effort in going through the lessons and taking action in implementing the new skills and tips you are going to pick up through all these amazing resources
You are happy with your current speed of online business growth.

Hello! I’m Faith.

And I help online entrepreneurs build a thriving business through creating and selling digital products and effective email marketing.

faith lee profile pic

I decided to host Canva Creators’ Treasurebox because not only do I love using Canva to create and sell digital products, I am also passionate about teaching people how to use Canva.

I build my business centred about the needs of my audience with the mission of continually providing great value in my products and services.

This is why I decided to bring together 43 of my friends and colleagues from all over the world who share the same passion about using Canva and selling digital products!

I also believe that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get access to high-quality trainings and resources that will tangibly help you take action and get results in growing your business.

I love coffee and all things pink. When I’m not creating content or coaching, you will find me hitting the bags at the gym doing Muay Thai, holding private concerts (in my room) singing along with Adele, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Clarkson, or playing MLBB with my husband.

Ready to finally ditch the stress of creating digital products and level up your marketing game to bring in the sales you desire?

If it’s time to get your hands on a treasure trove of premium templates, resources, and trainings will WILL make a positive impact in bringing you faster product creation, higher sales conversions, elevated brand image, and more money in your pocket, then grab your copy of Canva Creators’ Treasurebox NOW!

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How is Canva Creators’ Treasurebox different from other bundles?

The Canva Creators’ Treasurebox isn’t JUST a bundle.

Typically, when you purchase a bundle, you don’t get any form of support, coaching or guidance. 

You are pretty much left on your own to go through the products and soak up all the goodness. 

But what if you had questions about the products?

What if you had the opportunity to connect with the Contributors to better understand each of their products and even ASK THEM QUESTIONS to pick their brilliant minds?

Now, that’s what I call a SUPERB, VALUE-ADDED bundle with SUPPORT!

After you purchase Canva Creators’ Treasurebox, you will be invited to THREE EXCLUSIVE ‘Meet The Contributors’ ‘LIVE’ Sessions. *Replays will be provided

meet the contributors banner

17 Contributors including the bundle host, Faith Lee, have graciously set aside time to answer your questions. 

Session 1: 12 September, Tuesday, 9 to 10:45 AM ET

Session 2: 20 September, Wednesday, 9 to 10:45 AM ET

Session 3: 28 September, Thursday, 8:30 to 9:45 PM ET

6 Daily Bonus Gifts Worth $444 for FAST-ACTION TAKERS!

One Daily Bonus Gift will be unveiled every day from 4 to 9 September.

Customers who sign up for the bundle on the first day of the bundle sale (4 September) will get ALL 6 Daily Bonus Gifts.

Customers who sign up for the bundle on the second day of the bundle sale will get Daily Bonus Gifts from Day 2 to Day 6. And so on. 

The sequence of the Daily Bonus Gifts are arranged in decreasing retail value to reward fast-action takers!

The earlier you buy the Canva Creators’ TreasureBox, the greater value you will receive!

Check out our FINAL Daily Bonus Gift (Usual $197)!

My goal is to present to you Canva Creators’ TreasureBox as the most valuable bundle targeted at Canva lovers who want to speed up their product creation process as well as boost their product sales.

Therefore, I’m adding a 7th Daily Bonus Gift for ALL our bundle customers — one-month BONUS access to my signature Canva Templates Vault!

Over 120+ Canva templates and 20+ Canva tutorials worth more than $2000 at your finger tips once you unlock our incredible Canva Templates Vault FOR FREE when you grab our Canva Creators’ Treasurebox TODAY!

To further support you, we have added another BONUS Co-Working Session With Faith to help you TAKE ACTION with customizing the templates and creating sellable products for Q4!

With the help of practical templates, step-by-step design and marketing trainings PLUS additional support from three Meet The Contributors Sessions and a special Co-Working Session with Faith, you will gain confidence and clarity for your digital product creation and sales processes by the end of September without investing thousands of dollars for a fresh business breakthrough!

Grab the Canva Creators’ Treasurebox NOW!

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How it works:


After payment is complete, you will receive a receipt and a link to log into FaithsBizAcademy’s ThriveCart Learn platform to access the Canva Creators’ Treasurebox.


Our filterable and searchable bundle dashboard allows you to browse the resources by category or do a search to find the exact resources that you want.


See something you like? Sign up for it with the 100% coupon code provided by 31 October 2023 and enjoy lifetime access to the rescue.


Pre-submit your questions for our Contributors and join us for the 3 ‘LIVE’ sessions on 12, 20, and 28 September. Replays will be provided.


I’m new to using Canva, is this for me?

I am pretty good with using Canva already, is this bundle still useful for me?

Will my email address be shared with all the Contributors?

I’m so overwhelmed with info, tips, and trainings… 

How long do I have to access the products? 

Can I take these courses or use these templates at my own pace, or do I need to rush to use them by a deadline?

What if I don’t like the bundle?

What is the investment?

When is the bundle available for?

My questions isn’t here…

Have you seen THIS much excitement for a bundle and its Contributors even BEFORE it goes on sale?

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What are you waiting for?

47 premium resources specially curated to help you:

*Master designing and creating products in Canva

*Speed up your product creation process

*Improve your business brand

*And increase your business profitability through better marketing strategies!

Grab the Canva Creators’ Treasurebox NOW!

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