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Hello! I’m Faith.

I am an online business coach and I help aspiring entrepreneurs build a thriving online business through selling easy-to-create digital products and effective sleaze-free email marketing to achieve their financial goals in the shortest time possible.

FREE Sunflowers Calendar 2024 Canva Templates with commercial use rights

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Get instant access to this gorgeous, done-for-your Sunflowers Calendar 2024 with 16 pages of fully editable and customizable Canva templates to help you create hot-selling printables that will sell all-year round!

Includes a tutorial to show you how to quickly and easily edit the Canva templates, fuss-free even for complete beginners.

After you sign up, you will also receive a series of emails filled with valuable design tips on Canva as well as juicy secrets to help you with growing your online business, including additional bonus surprise gifts and free workshops!

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More than 12,000 entrepreneurs have benefitted from our coaching programs and courses. See what some of them have to say!

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For almost half a year now, I have had the pleasure to have Faith as a mentor at the start-up of my own business in selling PLR products within the planner world. I haven’t regretted a second of it.

Faith has been involved in my journey from starting out by selling a very simple printable product to now having my own website where I sell PLR products and am creating my first course. This all happened in just 6 months. I would never have been achieved that without her help.

As mentioned, Faith is extremely professional in helping you build your business – but she is also the kindest and helpful person and is really interested in helping your business grow. I can only say that I will continue Faith’s mentorship in the months ahead as she has relevant business experience and constantly keeps up to date on what is happening in her niche.

I would, therefore, not hesitate to recommend her as a mentor and look forward to working together with her for a long time.

Charlotte Wilstrup

I just finished my full-day Business Retreat with Faith and WOW does she over-deliver! I have come away with a renewed vigor for my blog!

After our day together, I’m armed with a very detailed action plan to implement, making my path much clearer and more focused. It’s as if Faith hacked through the jungle vines of blogging and cleared a path for me to follow! 

She even created personalized video tutorials for me, right on the spot, for me to watch regarding specific questions I had! I really felt like a VIP!

Faith has a sharp eye for detail and design AND she has the uncanny ability to distill down complex ideas into bite-sized actionable steps. This is perfect for someone like me, who tends to get “lost in the weeds” when it comes to technology and systems. 

I’m a member of her Mastermind program and PLR VIP Club, both of which I love! So, I was thrilled for the opportunity to work closely 1:1 in real-time with Faith via the Business Retreat. It gave me even more value and accountability so I can move my blog forward and stop stalling out of fear and indecision. 

If you’re looking for a tailor-made blogging strategy, need a fresh set of eyes on a blog post or Pinterest Pin, or if you have “keyword-confusion” like me, then book your Business Retreat with Faith. You’ll be so happy you did!

Heather Procknal, NBC-HWC | CHC

I am in love with Faith’s Pretty Printables Masterclass! As an established content creator, I learned several new strategies AND as a teacher of courses on content creation, I am THRILLED to share this course with my students. There are so many moving pieces when it comes to creating content and preparing to create content. Faith takes us by the hand and helps us navigate the terrain!

In the Pretty Printables Masterclass, you’ll also learn how Faith, a prolific content creator of high-quality products, creates products and how you can do the same. 

Faith’s business growth and sound reputation in the PLR community is largely due to her kindness, warmth, being a team player, leading by example, and creating programs that are unique to her.

I also find that Faith has an intuitive sense of marketing and creating content that is head and shoulders above many content creators.

D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed.

Bestselling Author and Content Creation Specialist

Faith’s mentorship program has changed my hopes for the future of my business; they look bright when I’m working with her. Never have I been able to ask ANY question whatsoever and alway get a prompt, thoughtful and thorough response. Then, guess what? If another thing puzzles me, I just ask again, and there’s Faith, answering my next question, usually within minutes. 

I wake up in the middle of the night with something gnawing at me like, “How did she create that terrific flipbook?” or “What’s the program she’s using to make those beautiful graphics?” or “I wonder if Faith has a solution for…” and she always answers and she always has more than one solution.

The best part is, she’s sort of like having Mary Poppins for a mom; firm but fun, always looking for a new way to help me learn and grow. I can’t put a value on that. Nor on the practical ways she has helped me grow my list.

This mentorship is above and beyond, and I would recommend staying in touch with Faith for everyone serious about building their online business. 

Kate Casper