Bonus for CCC Fall Toolbox

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As promised, I will show you how to create a brand new planner with the following planners:

1. Boho rainbow business planner – Jan Small
2. Weekly productivity planner – Dee Power
3. 2021 Q4 business planner – Sherry Loren
4. The goals to success planner – Kelly Netzband
5. Work at home planner – Jenn Brockman
6. Fall productivity planner – Carmen Chan

And here are the 10 Thanksgiving Wall Art Canva Templates!

Please kindly note that this set of Thanksgiving Wall Art Canva Templates are offered as an upsell of $5 when you redeem my Thanksgiving Planner from April’s CCC Toolbox. If you purchase it there, I will not be offering any refund.

Here are the video lessons on how I combined 6 different PLR planners into one unique product.

I wall also show you how to create beautiful product banner images in Canva.

You will see the Canva Templates at the bottom of this page.

Picking planners with a common theme and combining planner pages

Please accept my sincere apologies. For some strange reason, the last part of the video was corrupted so the video ended abruptly and I only discovered the issue as I was editing the videos.

After inserting the blue rectangle on the Slide Master View, I went back to the normal view and went through every page to re-align all the contents of the page to fall within the blue rectangle frame.

The “TITLE” box that I had added to the blue rectangle indicates where the heading of each planner page should be.

These would help me make sure all the pages look uniformly aligned in a particular manner. This is incredibly important because we have taken content from six different planners so we need to ensure that now that we have put them together, they actually look uniform.

Adding new designs to our new planner

Why I inserted the blue rectangle in the PowerPoint Template

Download the Business Planner PLR PowerPoint file here — Please download Britannic font here BEFORE you open the PPT file. Otherwise the alignment of the words would get messed up.

With the different sections created in this planner, you can also choose to pick them apart and sell them as separate products and also offer a bundle sale to your customers for bigger value!

Creating product banners

Access square product banner Canva Template here

Access pin templates here

Access Facebook banner templates here