I will hold your hand and guide you along in your online business and help you bring it to the next level!

If you are determined to monetize your online website but are uncertain about how to proceed, then you’d need this:

Monthly, 3-month, and 6-month programs are available.

In Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access, you will enjoy one-to-one consultation and receive guidance to grow your business! 

It doesn’t matter what stage of your business you are at right now. I will help you evaluate your existing circumstance and then walk you through step by step and make recommendations on how you can bring your business to the next level!

Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access is a 1:1 business coaching program that is fully customized and personalized according to your specific business needs.

Depending on your unique goals, I will help you:

Increase your site traffic through SEO and Pinterest marketing
Set up new lead magnets to grow your email list​
Create new digital products to sell to boost your income​
Refine your email marketing campaigns to increase your product sales​
Advise you on the next steps that will be most effective in growing your online business to the next level​
Devise a plan to achieve your targets during your mentorship program​

Monthly, 3-month, and 6-month programs are available.

Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access will be helpful for you if you:

Have just started an online shop or blog and have NO IDEA what’s the best and fastest way to start making money with it.
Have been blogging for one to two years but haven’t built a STEADY stream of income.
Have gone through different courses but can’t seem to have a BREAKTHROUGH in your website traffic and/or online business income.
Are STRUGGLING with growing an email list.​
Have LESS THAN 10,000 page views to your website per month.​

If you are struggling with ANY of the above problems, then yes, I can help you overcome your challenges through Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access!

Monthly, 3-month, and 6-month programs are available.

However, Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access ISN’T for everybody.

Due to the one-to-one attention that I will be giving to you, providing you with personalized recommendations, and closely following up with you every step of the way, I need to make sure that you are a good fit for this program.

Here are the following requirements to be a good candidate for Boost Your Sales Mastermind:

You need to keep an OPEN MIND and a WILLING HEART to learn and receive constructive suggestions.​
You need to be willing to WORK to make the relevant changes according to the recommendations.​
You need to have a DESIRE to grow your online business in the next six months.​
You need to be DETERMINED to create a digital product to sell or give away as a lead magnet as part of growing your email list and increasing your online income.​
You need to have a SPECIFIC GOAL in mind on what you want to achieve.​

Monthly, 3-month, and 6-month programs are available.

Would you be able to achieve your goals entirely on your own without any mentorship?

Definitely! As I had done so myself.

But that was a result achieved only after spending more than one year exploring and forking out thousands of dollars going through different courses! And, of course, not all money was well spent. 

I did manage to learn a lot from different bloggers and courses. But I also know if I had a personal mentor, I would have achieved my goals in a MUCH SHORTER TIME!

As with all coaching and mentorship programs, Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access is NOT a miracle program.

I will also honestly tell you what else Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access ISN’T.

It’s NOT a program that will bring you overnight success.
It’s NOT a technical course that will help you troubleshoot the different technical issues that you face in the process of building a website.
It’s NOT a structured course with fixed modules that you go through and learn passively.

Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access is SO MUCH MORE!

Here is what you stand to gain from being under my mentorship in Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access:

You will receive a DETAILED ANALYSIS of your current situation, your website, your online shop, your marketing campaigns, and your various digital products. This may not be ALL done in a single session. It will depend on your unique situation and your own goals and priorities.
You will receive DETAILED RECOMMENDATIONS on a roadmap to follow in order to bring your business to the next level.
You will receive FOLLOW-UP every step of the way as we progress with work on your business.
You will receive recommendations for specific resources that are a good fit to your UNIQUE SITUATION.

You will have access to me directly and my PERSONAL ATTENTION. This means you can email me ANY TIME over any issue and I will extend my advice and insights to address your concerns. You can also book up to three 15-minute 1:1 zoom consultations every month! ($147 Value)

You get direct direct access to me via Voxer, a free text and audio messaging mobile app, which means I would be your business mentor/buddy/hotline and you can literally reach me ANYTIME of the day, making 2-way communications much faster and more efficient! (Priceless!)

You get UNLIMITED access to ALL of my existing courses (currently over 40 of them) as well as new trainings every month which means you will have all the resources on hand to help you master the different aspects of running a profitable online business – email marketing, Pinterest Marketing, affiliate marketing, designing and creating digital products, and more! ($1800+ Value)

You will get to join a community of like-minded, motivated, and highly supportive group of online entrepreneurs whom you can seek support from to grow your business faster and with much less anxiety than if you were to journey all alone! ($67/m Value)

You will receive immediate access to Canva Templates Vault with hundreds of done-for-you printable products with commercial use rights as well as marketing and branding Canva Templates to help you add new products to your shop for sale to increase your online income the fastest way possible! ($2000+ Value)

You will have access to one group ‘live’ training every month on a specific topic. Benefit from having all your questions answered, as well as learn as others share their expertise and master one aspect of your business every month! ($67/m Value)

Total Value $4000++

All yours with instant access from just *$149.50/month!

*$149.50/month when you sign up for 6-month package. Monthly renewal is at $197/month.

Monthly, 3-month, and 6-month programs are available.

Meet your Business Coach

faith lee profile pic

Faith is a mom of 3 and has been blogging since early 2018. She has built an online business from scratch that is now generating 5-figure revenue every month selling PLR printables and courses as well as coaching programs.

Her main passion is coaching other aspiring entrepreneurs so that they, too, can build a thriving online business to achieve their financial goals.

Faith has almost 20 years of experience as a private tutor. Coupled that with her business experience and design expertise, she is in the best position to coach you and help you build an online business to achieve your financial goals!

More than 4000 clients have learned from Faith through her design and online marketing courses. Join them today!

Given the level of commitment that I’m giving to YOU and the expertise that I’m sharing with you unreservedly, I could easily charge my consultation services for at least $97 an hour.

But because I truly believe in the value I can bring to you and your business, more importantly, that an aspiring entrepreneur like yourself, deserves more customized assistance in order to achieve your goals in a shorter time, I’m offering you my mentorship at a really affordable and reasonable rate!

1) Monthly subscription: $197/mth

2) Quarterly subscription: $497 for every 3 months (save 16%: $165.66/m)

3) Semi-annual subscription: $897 for every 6 months (save 25%: $149.50/m)

Cancel anytime.


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1) How will you guarantee my success even if I am in Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access?

Well, the truth is, I cannot guarantee your success. As mentioned above, even with my mentorship, it’s not going to grant you overnight success. Building an online business takes time, effort, and dedication. And a mentorship is a two-way relationship. The only way your success is guaranteed is that you work for it. But my mentorship will give you a clear and detailed roadmap to success that is customized to your unique business needs!

2) Why don’t I just figure a way out on my own?​

Yes, you can definitely figure a way out on your own! But that will most likely mean more time and more money spent on trial and error before you finally find your key to success. I know that for certain because I had been through that myself. If I had a personal mentor myself, I would have saved one year of trying and failing. One year is a loooonnngg time when you think of the money you could and should have earned!

3) Will you help me write my emails, create my pins, and/or create my new product to sell?

Nope! If you need an extra hand to do the work for you, then you’d need to hire a virtual assistant. My role is your mentor, your consultant, your strategist, and your advisor. You’d still need to do the actual work yourself. But I will train you along the way so that you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it in order to achieve new milestones for your business! 

4) How are you qualified to be my mentor?

I have been blogging since 2018 and monetizing from my site since 2019. My business currently brings in a 5-figure monthly revenue.

I have built my online business entirely from scratch and I manage the business completely so my own so I certainly know the ins and outs of building and running a thriving online business!

Will you be able to find another mentor who is far more qualified than me? No doubt! But that’s going to cost you THOUSANDS more to get that mentorship and it’s probably not what your wallet needs right now.

If you have had any personal interactions with me, you would know that I’m always honest and willing to share unreservedly. This is why I’m not promising you the heavens but I WILL expedite your journey to your next level of success!

5) How will you teach me in Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access?

I will provide my advice and recommendations through email, specially record video tutorials to address your issues, direct you to my courses and other trusted resources.

You can also book up to three 15-minute coaching calls on Zoom every calendar month where I can review your products and sales pages and for you to ask me any questions because a 2-way communication is always more effective and efficient then email correspondences.

You will also get direct access to me via Voxer, a free mobile text and audio messaging app, which means I’m your business mentor/buddy/hotline and you can literally reach me ANYTIME of the day! I will typically respond within the hour during my waking hours, that is.

6) Will there be a Facebook group in Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access?

YES! You will also get access to our exclusive members-only Facebook group where you can interact with other like-minded entrepreneurs, get support from an encouraging and responsive community and grow your business along with motivated colleagues!

7) Must I already be selling something before I join Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access?

Well, as the name suggests, this Mastermind program is to boost your sales and increase your income. But if you haven’t created any product or have no idea what to create to sell, no worries! I will help you to find the most suitable product to create and guide you to making your first sales! After all, creating digital products is my forte!

8) What if I don’t want to create my own products and only want to do affiliate promotions?​

I can still help you grow your traffic and work on your various marketing campaigns to boost your affiliate sales! But that said, I’m a strong believer in creating and selling your OWN products. At the minimum, you’d need to create your own lead magnet to grow your email list and have more people to sell those affiliate products to! 

9) Is there a limit to how many times I can contact you in a day, week, or month?

Nope! As mentioned, I’m your mentor 24/7 as long as you are in Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access. But please be reasonable about when you’d expect to receive replies from me each time you reach out. During my waking hours, I usually respond within the hour on Voxer and within 1 to 4 hours via email. But due to time difference, family commitments, and depending on the complexity of your issue, I might need more time to get back to you. I am usually very responsive and even if there are any unexpected circumstances, you would expect a response from me no later than 24 hours.

10) Is there a fixed consultation time?

Nope. The amount of interaction between us would greatly be determined by how urgent the situation is and how fast things are progressing for you and your business. For example, if you are about to launch a new product, we would be working on refining your sales pages and marketing campaigns intensively. And that could several interactions a day to see you through this particular project.

Of course, you get to book 3 x 15-minute zoom calls with me every calendar month and that’s a great way for us to catch up and for me to provide additional support!

11) Blogging is only my side hustle, will Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access be suitable for me?

Yes, most definitely! In fact, because running this online business is your side hustle, due to the limited time that you have, you’d want to expedite your time to success and not waste time and money getting stuck at roadblocks! Having me as a mentor will help to reduce that to the minimum and shorten your journey to success! I fully understand the challenges in running an online business as a side hustle because when I first started blogging, my kids were only ages, 5, 3, and 1. I have always been the main caregiver and I still hold a full-time finance consultant job. So if I can successfully build a viable online income, I can help you do the same! 

12) I’m not ready to join Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access now, when will be the next enrolment?

Enrolment to Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access will close after 24 July 2022. This is because I will be running a 3-month intensive program starting in September and I will need to limit the number of 1:1 coaching clients so that I can give sufficient time, energy, and individual attention to all of my coaching clients!
Doors will open again in 2023 but please kindly note that prices will then be raised to $397/month.
Please note that the program is on an auto-renewable basis. Therefore, as long as you choose to remain in the program, I will continue to mentor you! But anytime you wish to stop the program, just cancel the automatic billing on your PayPal/Stripe account.

13) I’m interested in Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access and I think I need more than one month of mentorship. Can I get a discount if I commit for a longer period of time?

There can be so much done in one month and also so little! If you are ready to commit for a longer period of time, please feel free to select the 3-month or 6-month program!

3-month program – $497 (SAVE 16%)

6-month program – $897 (SAVE 25%)

Please note that you will continue to stay in the mentorship program and continue to be billed until you decide to cancel the renewal payment.

14) I’m ready! How do I get started?

Please scroll down to see the sign up button below. You can select whether you want to jump right into the monthly renewable program, or 3-month or 6-month program! 

Once payment is complete, you will be directed to Boost Your Sales Mastermind program access hosted on my ThriveCart Learn platform where there is a set of detailed instructions on how to activate your mentorship program. There are questions that need to be answered to help me understand your situation better and then we can hit the ground running! Let’s dive in!

Get instant access to $4000++ worth of templates, courses and training, 1:1 coaching from a 6-figure entrepreneur when you sign up for Boost Your Sales Mastermind All Access TODAY!

Monthly, 3-month, and 6-month programs are available.