Camping Planner For Dog Owners Canva Templates

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This detailed 39-page Camping Planner Canva template is specially designed for dog owners to make packing and planning for a camping trip with their four-legged friend a breeze. There are also journal pages included to help the owner build a beautiful keepsake for the memorable experience.

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Take a look inside the lovely Camping Planner For Dog Owners Canva Templates:

Camping Planner For Dog Owners Canva Templates include:

Planner Cover
Quote page featuring a camping-related quote by Victoria Erickson
Welcome page for entering the owner’s name of the camping planner
My Pet Profile page for entering detailed information about the pet with an area for a photo.
Pet Care Planner page offering sections to track meals, treats, activities, sleep time, and overall mood.
Camping With Your Dog page providing an introduction and benefits of camping with your dog.
Before You Go page with important considerations and questions to address before camping with your dog.
Research page with tips for using Google to find dog-friendly campsites and a section to list favorite spots.
Preparations page titled Before The Trip with a checklist for vaccinations and commands.
Supplies page with essential items to bring for your dog, including medical records and a first aid kit.
Safety tips page titled Keeping your pet safe with advice on hazards and controlling your dog.
Food and other considerations page with tips on choosing food, ID tags, harnesses, and extra leashes.
Additional considerations page with advice on using tie lines, reflective gear, and bowls for food and water.
Final considerations page with tips on bringing towels, crates, booties, and being a responsible camper.
Camping Overview page for documenting trip details and listing travelers.
Yearly Planner page for scheduling camping trips throughout the year.
Monthly Planner page for organizing camping activities and events each month.
Weekly Planner page for detailed weekly planning of camping activities.
Camping Packing List page for listing clothing, personal items, hygiene products, cooking supplies, and entertainment.
Gear/Equipment Packing List page for listing essential camping gear and equipment.
Dog’s Packing List page for listing items specific to your dog’s needs during the camping trip.
Weekly Meal Plan page for planning weekly meals and creating a grocery list.
Meal & Snack Ideas page for tracking meal and snack ideas for your trip.
Dog Food to Bring and Treats Ideas page for listing meals and treats to bring for your dog.
Shopping List page for organizing your shopping list for camping.
Dog Camping Items to Buy page for listing dog camping items to buy.
Expense Tracker page for tracking expenses for your camping trip.
Camping Activities page for planning and scheduling camping activities.
Self Check-In page for reflecting on your feelings, highlights, and learnings from camping with your dog.
Camping Activities page for planning and scheduling your camping activities.
Dog Activities Log page for keeping track of activities and dates for your dog.
Scavenger Hunt page for listing fun scavenger hunt items to find during your camping trip.
Notes page for jotting down any notes or thoughts during your camping trip.
To Do List page for listing tasks to accomplish with a notes section for additional information.
Camping With My 4 Legged Friend Journal cover page
Journal Page for documenting your camping experiences and reflections.
Camping Stickers cover page
Sticker Sheet page featuring various designs of camping and adventure-themed stickers.
A total of 39 editable pages
Commercial use rights

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Camping Planner for Dog Owners Banner

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