We are looking to hire a Facebook Group Manager for Creating Printables With Faith FB Group

Job description

As our Facebook Group Manager, your job is to schedule regular posts and promote PLR products and courses under Faith’s Biz Academy to increase community engagement as well as boost product sales.

  • Schedule regular daily threads on FB group (Weekdays only. Copy will be provided)
  • Schedule Creative Fabrica promotions (An average of 2-4 times a week. Copy will be provided)
  • Create ad-hoc posts when required during times when I run a public promotion or to announce new YouTube videos published on the my channel.
  • Approve FB group member requests.
  • Moderate FB posts. Anyone can create a new post on the FB group. However, self-promotions and spam are not allowed unless otherwise specified on daily promotion threads. You have the right and responsibility to delete such posts at your own discernment.
  • Schedule weekly welcome posts for new members.
  • Read and respond to all comments and posts. If you are not sure how to respond, simply tag me and I will handle the questions directly.
  • Run exclusive Weekly Flash Sale (72-hours) for the FB group by creating at least 2 posts to promote the special offer. Pick one of Faith’s PLR products or courses to feature each week. Share with the FB community the features and benefits of the product/course. You use YOUR affiliate link to promote my product EXCLUSIVELY ON MY FB GROUP which means you get up to 50% commission on all sales during the Weekly Flash Sale. You get to choose the featured product/course of the week and I will decide on the amount of discount to offer and create the respective coupon tied to your affiliate ID. For this, you’d have to write the copy for the FB Flash Sale promotion but you can also refer to sales copy on my product sales pages. Of course, personal testimonials would be best for sales conversions. After all, you get up to 50% commission from all the exclusive FB group flash sales. I want you to be my advocate!

Job Benefits

  • Salary of $300 a month (expected to work on weekdays only).
  • Possible salary increment to $350 upon job review after 3 months of engagement. 
  • Unlimited access to ALL my courses and PLR products so that you can better pick and choose what products to promote for the weekly flash sales. Access is granted as long as you stay engaged as my FB group manager.
  • Up to 50% commission on ALL sales as part of the FB Group Weekly Flash Sale because you get to use YOUR affiliate link for those promotions.
  • Two x Day of Voxer each month where you can ask me ANY questions about running your online business. As much as I want you to help me grow my business through increased FB engagement, I also hope to help YOU grow yours. This benefit will be made available after two months of engagement.
  • After 3 months of engagement, I will also allow you one day each month to promote YOUR selected product/service with my affiliate link on my FB group to help your business gain more exposure.

Priority for consideration will be given to candidates who:

  • Are currently active members on Creating Printables With Faith FB group
  • Have been through my coaching programs (FQB, DYB mastermind, Faith’s Mastermind)
  • Are familiar with my courses and PLR products 
  • Are already active affiliates for my PLR products and courses 
  • Are already familiar with creating and scheduling posts, approving member requests and getting your affiliate links for my courses and PLR products. You DO NOT need prior experience as a social media account manager. But you need to know how a FB group works.

Fill up the application form

Please submit your application by 23 April, 11:59PM EST. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

Successful applicant will be notified by 27 April and you are expected to start work on 30 April. 

The secret code is FB MANAGER 123