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Hello everyone!

I will be hosting my 8th Giveaway which will take place from 1 to 7 July 2024

grow together giveaway contributor call - July 2024

All affiliates will enjoy 50% commission when you promote the Giveaway and the customers sign up for my upsell offers.

As a Contributor, you not only stand to grow your email list when people sign up for your product, you can also make money through setting up an upsell offer(s) of your own!

How Faith’s Grow Together Giveaway will work

  1. Audience will head over to Faith’s Grow Together Giveaway landing page. They will have to sign up before they can see the products that are listed on the Giveaway product redemption page.
  2. After they sign up for the Giveaway, they will see an upsell offer from me. This is where you can earn 50% of commissions from the upsells taken up.
  3. Whether or not the upsell offer is taken up, customers will then be led to the Giveaway product redemption page where they will see all the products that have been contributed to Faith’s Grow Together Giveaway. Customers will then have to sign up accordingly to get the respective products that they want. Make your product banners attractive to capture their attention!
  4. On the back end, customers will also receive an email with the link to the Giveaway product redemption page so that they have time to go through the entire list at their own pace.
  5. As this is a GIVEAWAY event, the Grow Together Giveaway page will be ‘live’ from 1 to 7 July 2024. Customers will only have that time frame to download as many products as they like. Let’s focus our efforts in actively promoting Faith’s Grow Together Giveaway for that one week and with the limited time offer, this should get our audience to take action more quickly! With that in mind, if you are creating a 100% discount code, you have to make sure it’s valid until 8 July 2024. I will be sending emails to the Giveaway customers to remind them before the Giveaway product redemption page expires on 7 July midnight Eastern Time.

PLR product refers to private label rights. Business Development products can be any course, webinar, email challenge, membership program or coaching services that are meant to help online business owners grow their businesses. Any of such contributions will be added to our PLR/Business Development Goodie Bag.

Most of my personal use printables audience are moms so printables for moms and kids will probably enjoy a more targeted reach. You are more than welcome to include seasonal printables like Summer and Fall-themed Printables. That said, ALL types of personal use PRINTABLE products are welcome (digital planners are great, too!)

I have named this Giveaway as “Grow Together” with the hope that we will contribute resources that will help our audience GROW either their online businesses (eg. PLR products to sell to grow their income or marketing resources to grow their traffic) or in their personal life (eg. printables that encourage family bonding and better organization at home). Let’s gift out audience something positive and helpful!

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Important points to note:

  • Faith’s Grow Together Giveaway is FREE for affiliates and FQB participants to sign up as a contributor and affiliate.
  • Contributors need to have an email list size of at least 50 people. (FQB participants in the CURRENT round are not subjected to list size requirements)
  • You will not receive a master email list. This means that in order to grow your own email list, you need to set up a way to collect the audience’s email address before they can get access to the FREE product that you have contributed. You can do this through creating a landing page with a sign up form or creating a 100% discount coupon code (use code GTGJULY24 for the customers to get access to your product for FREE.
  • You can submit ONLY ONE product. One personal use only product OR one PLR/Business development product.
  • ANY type of DIGITAL PRODUCTS are welcome! (including email challenges, courses, webinars etc)
  • The product that you are contributing doesn’t have to be new. However, it cannot be something that is FREE anywhere on your website that is publicly available. The contributed product must have a minimum price of $9.
  • You CAN create an upsell offer. I want you to MAKE MONEY from participating in this Grow Together Giveaway! So please go ahead and set up an attractive upsell offer.
  • In order for ALL of us to benefit from this Giveaway and to maximize out list growth and product sales, as a contributor and/or affiliate, please note that you need to promote this Giveaway at least 2 times to your email list and/or your social media accounts. The first promotion needs to be sent by 3 July and the second one by 7 July. You will be asked to submit proof of your promotion in the forms provided during the week of the Giveaway. If proof is not sent, you will not be accepted for future events that I host. Every effort counts!
  • The deadline for your product submission is strictly 21 June, 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Please kindly ensure you have ALL the information and details ready before you make your product submission below. This means that if you are delivering your products through a sign up form and then sending the product download link to your customers via email, please kindly ensure that your email automated sequence has been set up BEFORE submitting your product details below. There is a lot of administrative work that goes behind the scenes and your kind cooperation is greatly appreciated! We will be testing out your product delivery process and if things are not properly in place, your contribution will not be accepted.
  • Your affiliate link and the Giveaway page will be ready and set up by 28 June. You will be updated via email then.
  • Memberships and coaching programs are NOT accepted for this Giveaway. Please kindly note that you must make sure customers DO NOT have to input their credit card details in order to redeem your contributed product.

TWO Ways to Earn as a Contributor & Affiliate

  1. 50% commission on upsell offer presented to customers after they complete the sign up form to get access to the Giveaway product redemption pages.
  2. 50% commission on our EXTENDED ACCESS PASS sold at $9.


Faith’s Grow Together Giveaway will run from 1 to 7 July 2024 and our audience will have until 11:59 PM ET on 7 July to redeem the products contributed to our Giveaway.

The EXTENDED ACCESS PASS will give customers an additional 6 more weeks until 18 August 2024 to redeem the products contributed to the Grow Together Giveaway.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me via email or fill up our contact form here.

All ready? Fill up the form below to contribute to Faith’s Grow Together Giveaway!

Pro tip: Read through the entire form once and take note of the information required. Get EVERYTHING set up BEFORE you fill up the form. One product PER contributor. This would be taken as your FINAL contribution submission form if your application is accepted.

Please kindly note that we reserve the right to decline applications that are erroneous (eg. non-working URL or no product delivery) or promote products/services that in conflict with our business interests and personal ethics/beliefs. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Deadline for submission: 21 June 11:59 PM ET. You should receive an email one week after your submission to inform you whether or not your application has been successful.