Unleash the power of the FREEBIE!

If you think giving away something for free de-values your business and does nothing to grow your business, please think again.

When you understand how to give away something GOOD, you are actually doing something GREAT for your business!

Learn what makes a good lead magnet, how to create them, and how to use them to effectively grow your business through our course…

In Grow Your Business With Lead Magnets, you will learn:

Importance of a lead magnet in growing your business
How to know if a lead magnet is converting well
Reasons why a lead magnet is not converting well
Tips on effective lead magnet creation
Tips on creating a high-converting upsell offer
Tips on creating a high-converting upsell offer
Importance of an email welcome sequence
Anatomy of an effective email welcome sequence
How to create lead magnets (editable templates with commercial use rights included)

Meet your coach

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Faith is a mom of 3 and has been blogging since early 2018. She has built an online business from scratch that is now generating 5-figure revenue every month selling PLR printables and courses as well as coaching programs.

Her main passion is coaching other aspiring entrepreneurs so that they, too, can build a thriving online business to achieve their financial goals.

Faith has almost 20 years of experience as a private tutor. Coupled that with her business experience and design expertise, she is in the best position to coach you and help you build an online business to achieve your financial goals!

More than 8500 clients have learned from Faith through her courses and coaching programs. Join them today!


What if I am a complete beginner?
This course includes step-by-step video tutorials in this course will provide you with tips and tricks on to create lead magnets using Canva with editable templates and commercial use rights included.
How long will I have access to this course?
How does lifetime access sound to you? Once payment is complete, you will be directed to the course curriculum page where you can start learning immediately! You will also receive email notifications on your successful purchase from Thrivecart to direct you to log in or create an account on my Faith’s Biz Academy school where all my courses are hosted. 
You can learn at your own pace and refer back to the video tutorials any time you want! 
How long much time do I need to go through the course?
There are a total of 3 modules and 8 lessons each with bite-sized video lessons that include closed captions. You can easily go through the entire course in less than 2 hours and apply what you have learned right away and create your lead magnets on the very same day!
Is this course accessible?
All the video lessons include closed captions.
Are there any specific tools needed for this course?
As mentioned, I will show you how to create children’s printables in Canva. All you need is a stable internet connection and to sign up for a free Canva account, if you haven’t already, and let’s start creating lead magnets!

This course focuses on the importance of using lead magnets to grow your online business and also gives you practical tips on how to create lead magnets. If you need further assistance on more extensive email marketing skills as well as creating landing pages to showcase your lead magnets, we have included exclusive students-only discount codes for additional resources that are great as follow-up courses after you complete this course.
What if I’m not happy with the course? Can I get a refund?
I definitely would not want you to be unhappy with this course! However, due to the digital nature of the course and the Canva templates included, I will not be able to issue a refund. That said, I will do my best to assist you so please feel free to reach me via email if you need any further assistance. 

Learn the best way to make use of lead magnets to grow your business effectively today!