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My online business which started in early 2018 finally had an income breakthrough in September 2020 after I discovered the private label rights (PLR) niche.

In the nine months that followed, my business hit 6 figures and it’s still steadily growing month after month.

Building A Profitable PLR Business was created after much consideration based on common questions that I have received in the past year.

This is basically a course where I unveil my journey as a PLR content creator and share tips on how YOU can also build a profitable and sustainable PLR business even in a niche which is seemingly growing in competitiveness.

In Building A Profitable PLR Business, you will learn:

  • How I discovered PLR and realized it was profitable
  • Tools I use for my PLR business
  • The importance of making connections with
  • How to build visibility and profitability fast
  • Finding your niche
  • Learning from other PLR content creators
  • Bundles: yay or nay
  • Where to find graphics safe for use in PLR
  • How to use my courses to grow your PLR (There’s a 50% discount coupon code included where you can get discount for up to 3 courses!)

I have also collated questions from my Mastermind clients in a bonus Q&A section answering questions like:

  • How did you know you were ready to scale your business?
  • What happens in a typical day of your business?
  • What specific events helped to propel your business?
  • What social media marketing channels do you use?
  • How do you plan the content of your PLR products?
  • How to set the price of PLR products?
  • Should we start a PLR business with MRR products?

Usual $197

*Videos include closed captions

Meet your business coach

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Faith is the owner of and she helps online entrepreneurs build a thriving business through creating and selling easy-to-create digital products with effective and sleaze-free email marketing.

Faith started blogging in early 2018 and finally found success in making more than $1000 in a month in September 2020. In less than 9 months that followed, Faith then made more than $100,000 with fewer than 5000 subscribers on her email list. She has single-handedly built a 6-figure online business all while being the main caregiver to three young children.

Faith’s expertise lie in Canva design, digital product sales, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.

She has personally created over hundreds of Canva templates with commercial use rights, and also created and sold over 90 courses on creating and selling digital products as well as online marketing.

Her main passion lies in coaching other aspiring entrepreneurs so that they, too, can build a thriving online business to achieve their financial goals.

More than 13,000 students have gone through Faith’s design and online marketing courses.

Faith has conducted over 600 1:1 business consultations and nobody has never left a session without feeling inspired, encouraged, or having gained greater clarity on what their next steps should be.

Faith also has the experience of hosting her own Summit and paid bundle, and actively collaborates with other content creators and speaking at various summits.

With almost 20 years of experience as a private tutor, Faith’s teaching expertise is evident through the dozens of free Canva tutorials on her YouTube channel. She is best known for her ability to break down complex concepts into step-by-step methods that can be easily understood and followed by even the complete beginner.

Faith’s most-watched YouTube video has over 380,000 views and hundreds of raving comments and her channel ranks amongst Top 2% in terms of subscriber numbers.

As someone who has built everything from scratch, overcome all the technical learning curves along the way, failed multiple times before finally finding success in the online space, Faith knows what it takes to build a thriving online business and is committed to helping her coaching clients achieve financial success through their businesses in a much shorter time than she did figuring things out on her own.

Having Faith as your business coach and cheerleader will be one of the best investments you can make if you want to shorten the journey to your desired entrepreneurship success!

In my 2 years of coaching experience, amongst my clients, I have helped close to 20 of them (and counting) either start their new PLR businesses or overcome a plateau in their business.

If you’d like to have an insider’s look at my PLR business, what contributed to the growth of my business, and how YOU can also build one that’s profitable and sustainable, get instant access to Building A Profitable PLR Business now!

Usual $197

*Videos include closed captions