30-Day Mindfulness Journal Canva Templates

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With daily journal prompts and inspirational quotes, this 30-Day Mindfulness Journal provides the structure and guidance you need to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. The gorgeous floral designs will make it such a joy to use the journal every day. This is set to be a popular evergreen product in your shop!

Comes with commercial use rights and editable Canva templates that allow you to customize according to your own brand and creative needs and have a new product up in your shop quickly and fuss-free!

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Take a look inside the lovely 30-Day Mindfulness Journal Canva Templates:

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30-Day Mindfulness Journal Preview 2
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30-Day Mindfulness Journal Canva Templates include:

Journal Cover
Introduction Page
Day 1: Mindfulness Reflection & Eckhart Tolle Quote
Day 2: Breathing Awareness & Pema Chödrön Quote
Day 3: Gratitude Reflection & Cicero Quote
Day 4: Silence Observation & Thích Nhất Hạnh Quote
Day 5: Mindful Moment Reflection & James Baraz Quote
Day 6: Mindful Walk & Lao Tzu Quote
Day 7: Self-Care Activity Reflection & Eleanor Brownn Quote
Day 8: New Mindful Activity & Eckhart Tolle Quote
Day 9: Navigating Challenges & Sonya Friedman Quote
Day 10: Pride Reflection & Jean Shinoda Bolen Quote
Day 11: Peaceful Visualization & Audre Lorde Quote
Day 12: Future Anticipations & Eleanor Roosevelt Quote
Day 13: Mindful Relationships & Thích Nhất Hạnh Quote
Day 14: Meditation Reflection & Anonymous Quote
Day 15: Overcoming Difficulties & Steve Jobs Quote
Day 16: Personal Pride List & Lalah Delia Quote
Day 17: Inspirational Readings & Amit Ray Quote
Day 18: Daily Mindfulness Integration & Rumi Quote
Day 19: Self-Care Challenges & Lucille Ball Quote
Day 20: Connection Reflection & Dolly Parton Quote
Day 21: Emotional Journaling & Tsoknyi Rinpoche Quote
Day 22: Overwhelm Reflection & Amit Ray Quote
Day 23: Self-Care Prioritization & Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote
Day 24: Cultivating Peace & Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote
Day 25: Habit Change & Unknown Quote
Day 26: Being Heard Reflection & Kristin Neff Quote
Day 27: Non-Achievement Pride & Buddha Quote
Day 28: Present Moment Reflection & Eckhart Tolle Quote
Day 29: Enjoyable Self-Care & Katie Reed Quote
Day 30: Mindfulness Journey Reflection & Sharon Salzberg Quote
A total of 33 editable pages
Commercial use rights

How to use 30-Day Mindfulness Journal Canva Templates:

  • Add your own branding to the journal
  • Convert to JPEG files to create marketing materials for social sharing
  • Edit the Canva templates to add your own graphics, designs, fonts to fully customize the templates according to your own creativity!
  • Create countless more journal designs with just one editable template!
  • Upload the PDF files and sell them on Etsy, Shopify, or your own website
  • Print and create physical journals for sale
  • Earn passive income! 

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