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This 46-page Mom’s Journal and Planner is lovingly designed and created for busy and mindful moms to help them manage and organize their daily routines, including planning for meals, fitness, self-care, as well as gratitude journaling.

Comes with commercial use rights and editable Canva templates that allow you to customize according to your own brand and creative needs and have a new product up in your shop quickly and fuss-free!

You don’t have to be a designer to sell beautiful printables. 

Simply upload these done-for-you printable journals and planners to your own website and sell them right away!

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Take a look inside the lovely Mom’s Journal and Planner Canva Templates:

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Mom’s Journal and Planner Canva Templates include:

Journal and Planner cover
“Belongs To” page
What’s in my head? page for writing or drawing thoughts
My Visual Journal pages with prompts
What is your favorite duty each day as a mom? lined page with lines for detailing daily responsibilities and why they are enjoyed
When did you most feel like a mom this past year? lined page for reflecting on maternal experiences from the year
Daily Gratitude Journal page
Daily Journal page
5 Minute Journaling page
Mommy Time page with habit tracker, self-care practices, and “me time” planning sections
Self Care Goals page for setting monthly self-care goals for the year
Daily self-care page for prioritizing tasks, tracking water intake, planning meals, and focusing on various self-care aspects
Monthly Self Care Planner
Productivity Planner page
Weekly Routine chart
Weekly Planner with sections for work and home plans, this week’s priorities, reminders, and a space for notes
Daily planner page for tracking tasks, appointments, meals, exercise, mood, weather, finances, gratitude, and notes for each day of the week
Monthly Planner with notes section
Yearly Planner
Yearly Review page to list accomplishments, learning points, changes, lessons, and priorities
Goals Journal page with prompts
My Yearly Goals page
Habit Tracker page
Weekly Habit Tracker page
Hygiene Tracker with a notes section
Mood Tracker page for recording daily moods, related activities, and additional observations
Pamper Routine sheet for weekly tracking of physical and emotional self-care activities, plus a notes area
Fitness Planner page for daily exercise and meal tracking
Meal Planner providing a weekly layout
Grocery List sectioned by food types, with extra space for notes
Water Challenge designed to track daily water consumption over a week
30 Day Challenge featuring a daily grid for a month-long tracking of personal challenges and goals
12 Week Challenge for tracking a three-month journey with weekly sections
My Progress with monthly tracking areas for weekly updates
My Wishlist page
Daily To-Do List page
Diary pages offering a canvas for personal entries
Notes page
A total of 46 editable pages
Commercial use rights

How to use Mom’s Journal and Planner Canva Templates:

  • Add your own branding to the journal and planner
  • Convert to JPEG files to create marketing materials for social sharing
  • Edit the Canva templates to add your own graphics, designs, fonts to fully customize the templates according to your own creativity!
  • Create countless more journal and planner designs with just one editable template!
  • Upload the PDF files and sell them on Etsy, Shopify, or your own website
  • Print and create physical journals and planners for sale
  • Earn passive income! 

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