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This 40-page Academic Planner with 4 different cover designs is fun and user-friendly to help students keep their day organized and assignments on task!

Comes with commercial use rights and editable Canva templates that allow you to customize according to your own brand and creative needs and have a new product up in your shop quickly and fuss-free!

You don’t have to be a designer to sell beautiful printables. 

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Take a look inside the lovely My Academic Planner Canva Templates:

My Academic Planner Preview (1)
My Academic Planner Preview (2)
My Academic Planner Preview (3)
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My Academic Planner Canva Templates include:

4 planner cover designs
Goals for This Semester featuring top goals, time management, and personal life balance areas.
Year at a Glance with monthly sections
Monthly Planner
Monthly Planner with sections for detailed notes, deadlines, and appointments
Weekly Time Table
Daily Planner featuring activity times, goals section, and to-do list
Daily Planner with activity schedule, to-do list, notes section, and mood tracker
Daily Planner for detailed class notes and assignment tracking
Notes Page
Notes Page with a spacious visual area
Brain Dump
Topic Overview with sections for learning objectives, notes, and mindmap integration
Topic Overview including main objectives, mindmap, summary, and questions
Topic Overview for detailed learning objectives with dedicated concept and notes
Topic Overview combining learning objectives, extensive notes, and question prompts
Topic Overview featuring a segmented approach to learning objectives, concepts, and note-taking
Topic Overview with space for main objectives, a questions section, and mindmap area
Assignment List
Topic Overview featuring objectives, and a structured section for meeting details
Project Planner with areas for task breakdown, brainstorming, and notes
Goals chart for tracking tasks alongside previous and target grades, with improvement actions
Grades Tracker
Goals with areas for subject, exam date, topics covered, strategies for improvement, and completion status
Assignment Tracker
Weekly To Do List
Class Overview Pages
Study Reflection with sections for study tasks and methods used
Revision Checklist detailing topics and problem areas
Budget Tracker
Friends Contact List
Emergency Contact List
A total of 40 editable pages
Commercial use rights

How to use My Academic Planner Canva Templates:

  • Add your own branding to the planner
  • Convert to JPEG files to create marketing materials for social sharing
  • Edit the Canva templates to add your own graphics, designs, fonts to fully customize the templates according to your own creativity!
  • Create countless more planner designs with just one editable template!
  • Upload the PDF files and sell them on Etsy, Shopify, or your own website
  • Print and create physical planners for sale
  • Earn passive income! 

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my academic planner banner

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