PLR VIP Club March

Hello Club Members!

Just to remind you, monthly goodies will be added by the 10th of every calendar month. 

Coupon code for 30% off – VIPMAR30

Coupon code for $37 – VIPMARCH37

Both coupon codes will expire on 30 April 2022. Please note that you need to have an active subscription to PLR VIP Club, Mastermind, or All Access Pass subscription in order to use the above coupon codes. 

This means that if your subscription has expired, the codes wouldn’t be valid for you regardless of the stated expiry date and there will be no further extension. 

Also, only ONE coupon code can be used per transaction, on regular priced items only

I have made the coupons valid in both my ForMommiesByMommy PLR Printables shop and the Faith’s PLR Printables shop.

But you can only redeem the $37 coupon code at ONE store.

Access the Canva Pin Templates here.

NEW! I am now ALLOWING you to re-sell my Canva Pin Templates as editable Canva pin templates! However, you HAVE to make changes to my templates before you can re-sell. Includes changing fonts, colors, stock images. More details and an example found inside the Canva pin templates. I hope this gives you more bang for your buck!

Latest products in the Faith’s PLR Printables shop.

  1. Family Medical Planner Canva Templates
  2. The Lady’s Planner PLR
  3. Happy Families Coloring Pack
  4. Easter Bunny Coloring Pack PLR
  5. Design Q&A With Faith – Using Commercial Use Graphics

Please feel free to reach me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you for your kind support!