Pre-Summer Sale Promotion

The Pre-Summer Sale is organized to help participants of Faith’s Quarterly Breakthrough program to promote their products. I have decided to extend the invitation to you if you’d like to join in.

Please watch the video below, starting from 7 minute mark. It will explain clearly to you what the Pre-Summer Sale is all about.

Deadline for submitting your Pre-Summer Sale Promotion is 19 May 2023. 


1) The Pre-Summer Sale runs from 22 to 28 May. 

2) You are more than welcome (it’s YOUR promotion anyway!) to invite your affiliates to promote it. If you have an affiliate program, fill it up in the form and I will grab my link from there.

3) If you have an affiliate program, feel free to create a post on our FB Group to invite our members to join.

4) You can use the image above as your marketing banner if you want to present this promotion as our collective event.

Submit your Pre-Summer Sale promotion details in the form below