We ran our very first ‘LIVE’ Challenge for Sales Page 101 course from 6 to 17 May 2024 where there were over 100 students.

In the end, we received 18 completed Challenge submissions.

See what our students say about the program and check out their sales copy and sales pages below.

Thank you for your kind support!

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1. Creative Ease helps you ditch the nerves of running a creative business by providing you with affordable access to and coaching with an experienced therapist and artist, so that you can master your mindset and succeed in your creative business with confidence and joy.

2. Delight your customers with a cherished keepsake & expand your digital product line easily and quickly with a beautifully designed and fully editable Baby’s First Year Journal Canva template with a sweet Teddy Bear theme.

3. Google Calendar Mastery will help you to up-level digital planners by giving you step-by-step guide and all the tools you need to integrate your digital planners with Google Calendar so that you can offer a premium experience to your customers and charge a higher price.

4. What if you could banish that self-doubt and feel CONFIDENT that all your business decisions are TRUE TO YOU and help you CLEARLY express your beautiful, multi-passionate nature – all in FOUR WEEKS?

5. Elevate your Etsy shop with our customizable “Open When” labels today!

6. The PLR Cookie Jar Membership empowers creatives to enhance their business offerings efficiently and profitably. By providing access to a diverse collection of unique, high-quality, ready-to-use digital products that can be resold as PLR, it enables creatives to quickly expand their product lines, attract a wider audience, and increase their revenue without the hassle of creating new content from scratch.

7. Feeling happy to explore another culture with your children without feeling overwhelmed. Feeling relieved that you have go-to resources that don’t take much time and fit in your busy schedule. Feeling confident that you can broaden your children’s horizon regardless of your previous experience

8. Join the Kid’s Clipart Club for a monthly dose of high-quality, super cute clipart designs on themes kids love! Get access to 6+ super cute clipart sets each month on themes kids love – perfect for growing your Etsy printables or PLR shop! Best of all, you’ll be able to take one product and quickly turn it into endless variations, just by swapping out the clipart.

9. Imagine finally crushing your goals! Break the “start-stop” cycle! Our Habit Tracker integrates seamlessly with your daily routine, turning habits into manageable tasks you can actually achieve. Stay focused on long-term change with visual progress tracking and build habits that empower you to become the best version of yourself.

10. Are you ready to create your dream life? Introducing the Create Your Dream Life 90-Day Planner. Let’s make 2024 the year you accomplish your goals and make your dreams come true. ~ I Believe in you! (Available on Amazon)

11. Ditch those Midjourney fees and dive into the world of creation using this stunning, FREE platform which is taking the A.I. art world by storm.

12. Let Club Pub help you by taking the stress out of coming up with product ideas and product creation. Save time and money and get your products to your audience and in your shop in no time!

13. “Designed to Shine Online: A Website Planning Workbook” guides you through every crucial decision of mapping out your website, from layout to launch, so your new site is a perfect reflection of your brand and a magnet for your target audience.

14. Seamlessly integrate gamified math worksheets into your existing product lineup, refreshing your offerings to keep your brand engaging by providing parents unique solutions.

15. With Too Young? Family Edition, you will move from merely longing to set a better example in your family’s walk with Christ to actually practicing your faith with grace, while connecting fun memories and spiritual truths in your busy family life.

16. Ditch the burn-out and begin creating a healthy, thriving ​lifestyle for yourself and your family.

17. Let me help you turn your love for printables into a creative and fulfilling venture with Sprint to Print—where we’ll master Canva together, create amazing products, learn new design skills, and pick up the tips, tools, and strategies you need to grow with confidence and ease.

18. The 7-Day Craft Your Offer Using ChatGPT Challenge promises to transform your approach to offer creation, turning confusion and stagnation into clarity and action. You’ll emerge from this challenge with a market-ready offer, expertly crafted through AI-driven insights and tailored exercises, designed to captivate your audience and elevate your entrepreneurial journey. Embrace this transformation and start crafting offers that meet market demands and set you apart from the competition. Join the Challenge – Unleash your potential and revolutionize your product offerings in just one week!