Want to make money online? Stop thinking and START doing it.
This is the ONE course you need that will walk you through step by step how to set up a brand new Etsy shop in just one weekend!

  • Have you bought many PLR products but don’t yet have a platform to sell?
  • Have you already set up an Etsy shop but wonder why there’s no traffic getting to your site?
  • Would you like to revamp your Etsy shop to make it look more professional and attractive?
  • Do you think you will benefit from having personal guidance, consultation, and feedback so that you can FINALLY get your Etsy shop up and running instead of just thinking about it?

If you have answered “yes” to ANY of the questions above, then you are the perfect fit for this program!


When you own an active Etsy shop, you can look forward to:

Waking up to see email notifications of Etsy sales made while you were asleep and seeing your bank account grow!

Working just once to create a product from scratch or customize a PLR product and be able to sell it for years and years for passive income!

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Working anywhere with just your laptop and taking a break off work to spend time with your loved ones any time you want!

I’m not saying that all these will happen overnight. Of course, time and effort need to be put in!

But I have made the whole process of setting up an Etsy shop to getting your first sales as SIMPLE and EASY as it can be!

Etsy is one of the easiest online retail platforms for you to get started with selling printables.

Sell Printables On Etsy In A Weekend is specially designed to help you start making money on Etsy! You will learn step by step:

How to create one set of Printables using PowerPoint and Canva
Tips and tricks on how to use Canva
How to start selling your Printables without a shop
Understanding Etsy seller policy
How to create your unique shop logo and banner
How to create a product feature banner and additional product images
How to create a product download instructions document
How to write your product description with specific keywords
How to set up a new Etsy shop
How to list your first product!

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What if I am a complete beginner?
This course includes step-by-step video tutorials in this course will provide you with tips and tricks on how to use Canva even for the complete beginner. 
How long will I have access to this course?
How does lifetime access sound to you? Once payment is complete, you will be directed to the course curriculum page where you can start learning immediately! You will also receive email notifications on your successful purchase from Thrivecart to direct you to log in or create an account on my Faith’s Biz Academy Learn platform where all my courses are hosted. 
You can learn at your own pace and refer back to the video tutorials any time you want! 
Can you really start selling printables on Etsy in ONE weekend?
Yes, you can! In fact, I have drawn out a timeline to show you exactly how can you complete the entire course and implement the action plan in just one weekend. For those of you who are anxious to start selling but don’t have sufficient time in one weekend, I have also provided an alternative for you to start selling even without an Etsy shop and that is covered in Module 2. This is a self-paced course so you can actually learn at your own pace.
Are there any specific tools needed for this course?
As mentioned, I will show you how to create children’s printables in Canva. All you need is a stable internet connection and to sign up for a free Canva account, if you haven’t already, and let’s start creating!
Who is this course for?
This course is designed with complete beginners in mind to help you achieve the objective of setting up your Etsy shop in the shortest time possible, create a professional brand for your shop, how to do basic product keyword research to improve search engine optimization for your product listings and how best to present your product and improve the overall shopping experience for your customers.
What if I’m not happy with the course? Can I get a refund?
I definitely would not want you to be unhappy with this course! However, due to the digital nature of the course and the bonus Canva templates included, I will not be able to issue a refund. But if you have any feedback, please feel free to reach me via email.

Hello! I’m Faith.

And I help online entrepreneurs build a thriving business through creating and selling digital products and effective email marketing.

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I created Sell Printables On Etsy In A Weekend because when I started my own Etsy store, I had to figure things out on my own. I wished I had step-by-step guidance so I didn’t have to spend so much time figuring it out on my own. Even though running an Etsy store isn’t my main business focus, I find it helpful as an additional channel to help me sell my personal use printables.

My desire is to help as many aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals of building an online business and this is achieved through Sell Printables On Etsy In A Weekend because when you follow through this course, you will be able to methodically set up a brand new Etsy store with your first digital product created and ready for sale!

In the last two years, more than 7000 students have gone through my design and online marketing courses and I have conducted over 520 business consultation sessions. Under my guidance, my clients have created and sold their first digital products and made their first $100, $1000, and beyond in their online businesses.

I love coffee and all things pink. When I’m not creating content or coaching, you will find me hitting the bags at the gym doing Muay Thai, practising new Jiu Jitsu moves on my children, holding private concerts (in my room) singing along with Adele, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Clarkson, or playing MLBB with my husband.

Sign up for Sell Printables On Etsy In A Weekend today be one step closer to achieving your dream of making money even while you sleep!