A no-frills group coaching program with regular office hours, monthly ‘live’ trainings, and private FB community.


Promotion price $37/month. Enrolment closes after 16 October 2022.

When enrolment opens again in 2023, price will increase to $47/month.

Faith’s Mastermind program was created to offer aspiring entrepreneurs a pocket-friendly option to get direct access to dedicated coaching services from a 6-figure online entrepreneur in order to fast-track their way to success in building their online businesses.

As part of Faith’s Mastermind group coaching program, you will enjoy

office hours icon

1) Office hours for open consultations

Two Office Hours open consultation services every month.

We meet on Zoom on the first Tuesday (9 AM to 10:30 AM EST) and second Thursday (9 PM to 10:30 PM EST) of every month.

All sessions are recorded and replays will be made available in your member account in 3 business days.

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2) Monthly ‘live’ structured training

Monthly ‘live’ structured trainings are focused on one specific topic.

The topic of the month is decided based on members’ requests so our trainings stay relevant to your business needs.

Past trainings include Email Marketing 101, Affiliate Marketing 101, Bundle Contributions 101, and Content Planning & Inspiration.

Attending the ‘live’ trainings give you the golden opportunity to ask questions and receive responses right away to enhance your learning experience.

3) Supportive community through private Facebook group

The biggest benefit of being in a group coaching is leveraging on a community of like-minded people who are just as passionate about building their online business to achieve their respective goals.

Ask your questions any time on the FB group and Faith will answer them personally. If needed, she will also record video reviews and responses to help you solve your issues! This means that you will personal guidance and learn even more through other people’s questions!

You will also benefit from fellow members as different ones share their experiences as well as build mutually beneficial connections to collectively grow your businesses in the shortest time possible.

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, Faith’s Mastermind private Facebook group and zoom calls are a safe place for you to share both your business struggles as well as successes!

Structured ‘Live’ trainings from previous months

planning for a more successful 2022
Black Friday promo review

Of course, you are getting direct access and hands-on guidance from a 6-figure online entrepreneur who is highly responsive and deeply committed to helping you build an online business of YOUR dreams!

Ami Hook-Ireland


“I had no idea what printables were before I discovered Faith, and I certainly didn’t expect the positive impact Faith has had on my life too.

She’s not only committed to helping you start your own business but she also helps YOU to grow as a person.

Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious (in the best way possible!) and she’s helped me to stay motivated and productive, taught me endlessly about printables and digital product creation, how to start a business and so much more.

Joining Faith’s Mastermind is the best decision I ever made. But having Faith as a coach… I feel truly fortunate to be one of her students.

I’ve gone from unmotivated and lost, to opening an Etsy shop and designing products. This wouldn’t have been possible without Faith’s guidance.”

Chelsea Sprague


“I joined Faith’s Mastermind program a few months ago and it has been so helpful!  Whenever I have a specific question I can ask in the Facebook group and Faith gets back with her advice quickly.  She even did a full review of my upsell pages and made me an entire video with suggestions on how to make it better. 

I love Faith’s coaching style because she is always so kind and supportive but she will also tell you specific ways you can improve, which I think is so important with a coach.  She also has group coaching calls and live trainings and I always learn something new and useful during those!  

I’d recommend Faith to anyone who is looking for some guidance with starting or growing their business.”

Ai Rin


“I have joined other Masterminds before, but what really resonates with me is Faith’s coaching style – very structured, easy to understand, and she gives very practical and actionable advice. On top of that, she is very supportive and responsive during the live sessions as well as in the Facebook group. 

I have learnt so much after joining for about 2 months, had more clarity on the areas that I can improve and work on, and made so much more progress as compared to doing it on my own. Whenever I am stuck, I know I can refer to Faith and the Facebook group community for help and advice.”

Meet your coach

faith lee profile pic

Faith is a mom of 3 and has been blogging since early 2018. She has built an online business from scratch that is now generating 5-figure revenue every month selling PLR printables and courses as well as coaching programs.

Her main passion is coaching other aspiring entrepreneurs so that they, too, can build a thriving online business to achieve their financial goals.

Faith has almost 20 years of experience as a private tutor. Coupled that with her business experience and design expertise, she is in the best position to coach you and help you build an online business to achieve your financial goals!

More than 4000 clients have learned from Faith through her courses and coaching programs. Join them today!

Sign up for Faith’s Mastermind today and start receiving the guidance and support you need to fast-track online business to greater success!

Doors close after 16 October and when enrolment reopens again in 2023, price will increase to $47/month.

Sign up for Faith’s Mastermind Annual Payment of $370 to enjoy 2 months free by 16 October 2022 and receive BONUS course for FREE! ($197 Value)

Building A Profitable PLR Business is basically a course where I unveil my journey as a PLR content creator and share tips on how other people can also build a profitable and sustainable PLR business. 

In this course, you will learn:

  • How I discovered PLR and realized it was profitable
  • Tools I use for my PLR business
  • The importance of making connections with
  • How to build visibility and profitability fast
  • Finding your niche
  • Learning from other PLR content creators
  • Bundles: yay or nay
  • Where to find graphics safe for use in PLR
  • How to use my courses to grow your PLR

I have also collated questions from my Mastermind clients in a bonus Q&A section answering questions like:

  • how did you know you were ready to scale your business?
  • what happens in a typical day of your business?
  • what specific events helped to propel your business?
  • what social media marketing channels do you use?
  • how do you plan the content of your PLR products?
  • how to set the price of PLR products?
  • should we start a PLR business with MRR products?

You will automatically receive Building A Profitable PLR Business course in your ThriveCart member account right after payment is complete.


Yes. All our monthly ‘live’ trainings and offices hours will be recorded. The replays will be added to your ThriveCart member account within 3 business days after the ‘live’ session is over.

The monthly ‘live’ training is a 2-hour session where I will teach on a specific topic, therefore, it is a structured training session. Usually, I will get feedback from Mastermind clients on what topic they are most interested in learning for the month. I want my training to be relevant to you and, therefore, your feedback and suggestions are very important!

There will be 2 x 1.5-hour office hour sessions every month. These are open consultation sessions where you can feel free to ask questions or share your landing pages, email sequences, products, courses, basically ANYTHING that you’d like me to review. 

Office hours every first Tuesday of the month at 9 AM EST (1.5 hour)
Office hours every second Thursday of the month at 9 PM EST (1.5 hour)
Structured ‘live’ training every last Saturday of the month at 6 PM EST (2 hour)

These sessions are at various times to cater to members from all over the world in different time zones. All meetings are recorded and replays are added to your member account within 3 business days.

Yes. Once subscription is cancelled, you will lose access to the replays as well as the private Facebook group.

Email consultations are reserved solely for one to one business coaching clients. If you send me a question via email, I’d redirect you back to our Facebook group and you will find my answer there. 

Prices can be kept low and affordable because of the group coaching nature of this program and everyone gets to benefit from questions asked by fellow members. 

If you prefer to have direct and individual attention from me, please take a look at Boost Your Sales Mastermind one-to-one coaching program at $197 per month.

As this is a group coaching program, all questions must be posted on our members-only Facebook group. However, our monthly ‘live’ training sessions as well as office hour sessions are conducted on Zoom with the replays added to your member account where you will retain ongoing access. Therefore, technically speaking, you don’t need a Facebook account to participate in our ‘live’ sessions. However, you will be missing out on the group consultation opportunities and learning from fellow members if you’re not active on the Facebook group.

I would love to invite other business coaches and content creators to come in to teach and run a workshop on top of the regular ‘live’ sessions included in our Mastermind program. Those would be in the pipeline but I cannot guarantee you or provide you with any details right now. The more people we have in Faith’s Mastermind, the more likely we would be able to invite guest speakers for bonus training sessions!

If you’re on the monthly subscription payment plan, you can cancel your subscription any time but you will lose access to all the courses once payment is not received.

If you have selected the 12-month access payment option, even when you cancel your subscription before the 12 months are up, you retain access to the program for the full 12 months but will not be renewed for the following year.

However, doors to Faith’s Mastermind will close after 24 July 2022 and only open again in 2023. This is to allow continuity and focus on dedicated members and follow them through until the end of the year since we are stepping into the most profitable quarter of the year and my commitment is to help members push their business to the next level in this crucial time!

Please also note that you will have to re-subscribe based on the new prevailing rate which will be $47/month in 2023.

I am afraid we have a strict no returns, no refunds, and no exchange policy. All the products are digital in nature and you getting immediate access to the bonus workshop as well as July’s Office Hours replays . This is why we cannot offer returns or refunds. However, please trust that I am highly responsive and I will do my best to answer any of your queries and ensure that this is a positive experience for you. If you are unsure whether this group coaching program is suitable for you, please send your questions and concerns to faith(at)faithsbizacademy(dot)com before signing up. 

It’s time to ditch the confusion and gain clarify and support from a mentor who is invested in helping YOU find success in the online space.

Sign up for Faith’s Mastermind now!

Doors close after 16 October and when enrolment reopens again in 2023, price will increase to $47/month.

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